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GS-72 Golden Section Star Broadcast and Imprinting Plate for GB-4000

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This is the latest 2017 broadcast technology for use with the GB-4000 or SR-4 Amplifier, ours exclusive!. The GS-72 Broadcast and Imprinting Plate connects easily to the red and black output jacks of the GB-4000 or SR-4 Amplifier. Once connected simply run your frequencies or Auto Channel program of choice in RF Mode and the chosen frequencies are broadcast through the air in an effective radius of 1 to 6 feet.

The GS-72 utilizes the latest vortex Golden Ratio geometry technology. The GS-72 can also be used for imprinting frequencies into physical objects such as water, food, homeopathic remedies, liquids, supplements, vitamins, jewelry, crystals, and other similar materials. The discounted GS-72 is available for purchase only from this website and at the time a GB-4000 Package is purchased from this website. 11" H x 8.4" W. (9 oz.)

This discounted GS-72 is available only with a GB-4000 Package purchase, all other orders will be cancelled.


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